• Paragliding


    ParaglidingFrom time immemorial, as watching that light blue, filled with clouds mystery called the sky, man has been dreaming of flying, of being as free as a bird, unrestricted in his motions and feelings.

    The touch with the air and the scenery around have always attracted man's mind. Man had one more "chance" to learn how to fly. It was his passion for great height. " Paragliding has evolved into a wonderful flying sport all over the world.The convenience and simplicity of Paragliding is unimaginable. It is now possible for a common man to experience the thrill of flying. This sport has international recognition.

    We have evolved wonderful techniques and methods of training. We have also gathered substantial knowledge and expertise on advanced flying techniques, be it local soaring, ridge soaring, thermalling, cross country flying, paramotoring, aerial photography / advertising, joyrides etc.

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