• Airport Ground Handling


    Airport Ground HandlingWe provides a full range of airport ground handling services to passengers and freight aircrafts at different airport including the following:

    Administrative Services and Supervision

    Passenger Services

    Baggage Handling

    Cargo Handling on the Apron;

    handling of aircrafts on the apron;

    Preparation of Loading Documents.

    Our services are specially made for private and charter flights: helps arrange flight permits, coordinates and supervises third party services, arranges services outside the airport (transport, hotels), assists in customs and immigration matters.

    We will see to it that your aircraft, passengers and freight receive top quality services conforming with the internationally accepted standards!
    Payment for all the services provided, airport charges, landing and take-off charges and positioning charges can be settled by us and Crew need not to worry for that... Just Fly and Enjoy.. Happy Landings

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